Violin Lessons with Marija Bubanj

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    I am firmly committed to teaching music to both children and adults. I am currently teaching at Columbia College Chicago and I also run my own music teaching studio. I am very passionate about the work that I do. I am also a freelance performer, I play Classical, Jazz and Pop music and I like to play chamber music recitals and also to perform at some special occasion events like holiday celebrations, people’s weddings, and corporate events.

    I am proud to say I received a Master of Music from Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University and Bachelor of Music from Music Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in Serbia, former Yugoslavia. I have had more than 20 years of teaching music in various settings: Individual Violin/Viola Lessons, Group Classes, Chamber Music Ensembles, Orchestra Study Excerpts, Music Appreciation Classes, and Music theory both in individual and group settings and taught by Suzuki and Traditional methods.

    My teaching philosophy is based on a belief of the positive impact music can have on a child’s intellect, academics, creativity, social skills and self-esteem more than any other life pursuit. My goal is to provide a quality music instruction where the children and adults can explore all their musical growth.

    I have been working closely with parents/families and educating them on how to be the best home teachers for their children. I’ve also conducted various forms of music administration tasks related to tests, auditions, curriculums, students’ counseling and collaboration with parents and other teachers.

    I am a very passionate music teacher and I want my students to succeed. I have had a pleasure working with students and their parents from different cultural backgrounds.

    My other credentials are that I am self-motivated, I like to practice on my own and with my colleagues and mentors. I often attend workshops, festivals. I record YouTube violin tutorials and I write blogs.

    I am also fluent in the Serbian language.